12 Dr. Kent Moors Reviews That Demonstrate His Expertise in Energy Investing


As a 30-year veteran in my field, I figure that my resume and experience speak for itself as well as build trust with those who are interested in energy investment advice.

However, I’ve recently realized that my experience is apparently not enough and many question the validity of my advice, as a result, I have compiled many Dr. Kent Moors reviews that I have received from people just like you, all of whom have benefited from my advice.

According to Inc., 91% of customers read reviews regularly or occasionally. That’s practically all of you. To top that off, 84% of buyers trust a customer review as much as a personal recommendation.

So, instead of listening to me talk about my expertise and why I’m a qualified energy investment advisor, let my customers tell you.

I’ve put together a list of 12 customer reviews that cover my expertise and my different newsletters that you can subscribe to for energy investment information.

Dr. Kent Moors Reviews

“Kent knows how to pick ‘em… Tell him to keep up the good work, he has a satisfied customer here. Thanks!”

— Bob

“I just want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Kent Moors for his wise advice and good judgment of the market. I have more than recovered my subscription cost and his recommended stocks are still growing in value. Thanks Dr. Moor I appreciate your efforts on our behalf.”

— Ron

“Thanks for the pick! I have a net profit of 101.2% after commissions! Not a bad profit for 7 months…”

—  Dennis A.

Dr. Kent Moors’ Reviews: Oil and Gas Investment

“It is indeed a pleasure to participate in Kent’s Project 1. The successful discovery of a well that flows oil is as I understand a rarity in current times. For Kent to comment that this well’s production is far beyond his expectations is a very comforting comment; particularly to someone who has no knowledge of drilling economics….It is very exciting to be involved in this project and participate in an investment format that I did not previously know existed. Thank you for creating this opportunity.”

— Andy Hierro

“I am very pleased with project #1. I am a CPA in Texas and have been I involved in the oil and gas business as an advisor to clients or as an investor for over 40 years. As an investor I am very impressed with the way Dr. Moors has structured the partnership. I have reviewed dozens of o&g ventures and his is the most investor friendly venture I have seen.”

— Martin Eklund


As you know, we have already struck oil on Well #1. My only regret is that I did not put in additional funds when I received a call from the Drilling Company with a progress report.

I will be investing in Project #2 and so on into the future. This is part of my financial plan to increase my current passive income.

Keep up the good work, I really appreciate it.”

— Rick Dorsey

Dr. Kent Moors’ Reviews: Energy Advantage

“I’ve been a subscriber of your Energy Advantage for years and I’d like to share how well I did regarding LNG. I bought the first half of my shares back in December of 2012 for over $17.00 per share. This gives me a whopping over 192% gain up to date! Thank you and keep up the good work.”

— Nori Nakahara

“Well I’m so excited to have made a whopping 300% on my HAL options play thanks to you! I’m very happy with my Energy Advantage membership and look forward to more direction from you. I appreciate the obvious care you take to keep us informed at all times. Thank god for your investment advice!”

— Wendi R.

Dr. Kent Moors’ Reviews: The Energy Inner Circle

“I just want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Kent Moors for his wise advice and good judgment of the market. I have more than recovered my subscription cost and his recommended stocks are still growing in value. Thanks Dr. Moor I appreciate your efforts on our behalf.”

— Ralph Trindleson

“I guess the most important thing I’ve learned, for myself, is that “I CAN’T PICK EM” like someone that really knows his sector, and Dr. Kent Moors obviously knows his sector.”

— Nick Makela

Dr. Kent Moors’ Reviews:Micro Energy Trader


You are a frackin’ (referring to the OFS term) genius. You are simply a money making machine. May I give you a one man standing ovation.”

— Marvin Walloner

“I am enjoying being a Passport Club and Micro Energy Trader member. Presently rebalancing my portfolio on latest recommendations and the MMP structure format. After monitoring MMP team recommendations since last summer and am confident that I have partnered with a group that I can grow with and work through future market conditions.”

— Gus Nevan

These reviews will convince you that Dr.Kent-Moors-has-the-energy-investing-expertise-you-need-before-making-an-investment

Wow. Going through and reading reader’s comments always brings me joy. I spent the majority of my career sharing my knowledge with governments, high-level corporate investors, and financial institutions. I’m so glad to be sharing my expertise and thought-process for picking long- and short-term energy investments that perform well with you.

If you’re interested in reading more Dr. Kent Moors reviews, you can find them on my testimonials page. I hope, after listening to your peers and other readers, that you’re convinced of my energy investment advice.

If you’re ready to sign-up and start reaping the benefits of my 30+ years of knowledge in the energy investment field, head over to my newsletter Energy Advantage to sign-up.

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