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Kent Moors Testimonials for Energy Advantage have been pouring in since the monthly newsletter from Dr. Kent Moors, was launched several years ago. With its successful track record backed by Moors’ insider insight, it’s no surprise why. To hear more from Energy Advantage customers, visit our review page: Kent Moors Customer Reviews for Energy Advantage. 

Top Energy Advantage Testimonials

That was a good Call as they say. I sold half yesterday for 92% gain and the rest today for 132% gain. Includes a foreign exchange gain of 3.5%. Thanks again.

– Evan M.

Hey Dr. Moors, Well I’m so excited to have made a whopping 300% on my HAL options play thanks to you! I’m very happy with my Energy Advantage membership and look forward to more direction from you. I appreciate the obvious care you take to keep us informed at all times. Thank god for your investment advice!

– Wendi R.

Hi Dr. Moors, I’ve been a subscriber of your Energy Advantage for years and I’d like to share how well I did regarding LNG. I bought the first half of my shares back in December of 2012 for over $17.00 per share. This gives me a whopping over 192% gain up to date! Thank you and keep up the good work.

– Nori N.

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