Why Should You Join Dr. Kent Moors Energy Inner Circle?


Learning oil investing through Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle, my extremely popular newsletter, can help make you a more profitable and knowledgeable investor. My goal is to show people how they can take quick profits from oil investing without investing a ton of money.

If that sounds too good to be true, understand that I’m not selling you a get-rich-quick scheme. This is about following trade alerts, understanding how oil stocks move in terms of price, and predicting future behavior based on past behavior.

There’s a lot of science and a little art to oil investing. Through Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle, I’m able to reach more people and help them create real wealth.

If you’re not sure whether you’re ready to join Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle, let’s dive into some of the key benefits you’ll derive from this service.

Get Ready For Maximum Short-Term Gains With Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle


There are two types of ways to profit from the stock market. You can either take a long-term position or a short-term position. This refers to how long you hold the stock.

Day traders, for instance, take extremely short-term positions. They might enter and exit their trades within minutes of each other. Other traders might hold their shares overnight or even for a week or two.

Long-term investors hold shares in a given stock for months or even years. They’re hoping to cash in on dividends for income, then enjoy a big payoff at the end. These are the types of investments that work well for your retirement portfolio.

So what does Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle do differently? My publication focuses on short-term gains in a market that usually lends itself to long-term investments. Instead of waiting months or years for your investment to pay off, you take your gains quickly.

This strategy allows you to profit quickly from oil investing without much startup capital, but I’ll get into that in more depth later.

Reframe Your Thinking as an Investor Based on Volatility

Think of volatility in terms of opportunity. If a stock’s price remains relatively flat, you’re unlikely to make any money. You won’t lose money, either, but you’re not using your trading account as a savings account. You want to grow your investment, and Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle can show you how.

You’re looking for maximum volatility in oil investing because the volatility makes each trade a potentially lucrative investment. A slow climb or fall results in long-term gains and losses. However, if a stock’s moving quickly, you can capitalize on short-term plays — some of which can become massive.

You can view volatility on a chart, such as the one above. See the spikes? They recur over and over again, sometimes reaching greater prices than at other times. But notice the time frame represented on the X-axis. This represents just one week of volatility in the stock market.

Through Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle, I show my subscribers how to profit from this extreme volatility over and over again. That’s what’s so exciting about oil investing.

Better Understand What You Pay at the Pump

If you’ve never tried oil price investing, then you’re likely aware of the price of oil based on what you pay every time you fill up your car’s gas tank. When the oil price goes down, we pay less at the pump, and the opposite is true, as well.

But that’s an oversimplification. Lots of factors go into how much money you pay for gasoline. For instance, transportation costs can cause gas prices to go up. It isn’t just the fuel, but the maintenance on the trucks, the drivers who travel from one city to the next, and the various government fees.

That’s why the major oil companies aren’t the only players to watch. Through Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle, we investigate other ways to profit from oil investing — plays that don’t include household names like Exxon.

Discover How to Make Money No Matter the Price Movement

There are ways to profit from oil investing no matter which direction the market moves. Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle teaches exactly how to do that. Not only can you profit from an upward or downward price movement in a given stock, but you can profit from both.

I’ve been doing this for decades now, so I’ve created a series of trading strategies that set me up for maximum gains and minimal losses. Those strategies are what I pass on to my subscribers so that they, too, can profit.

Dive Into Investing With Little Startup Capital

Some investors will tell you that you need tens of thousands of dollars in your trading account to become successful. That’s completely untrue. I have subscribers who have started out with tiny trading accounts, such as $500, and become extremely wealthy by building on that initial capital with increasingly large gains.

The purpose of Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle is to allow you the freedom to trade however you want based on solid information from me. If you’re not willing to put $20,000 into your trade account, you shouldn’t. That’s too risky from your personal risk-management perspective. Start with less money, and then build on it.

Start Thinking in Terms of Income

Income investments are those designed to produce income in a short time frame. It’s kind of like getting a job. You get hired on a Monday, and then receive your first paycheck the next Friday. That money allows you to pay the bills, and you use anything left over for luxuries.

In oil investing, income trades take place over a very short period of time. Instead of working for that money, however, you’re allowing your money to work for you. At the optimum time, you exit the position — quit your job, based on the above analogy — and take your income.

Most of us wouldn’t say no to extra income. It’s all money in the bank, there for security, luxuries, or things you might want in the future. Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle will teach you how to adopt the income-trading mindset so you can profit more quickly.

Discover How You Can Profit Twice From the Same Stock

I mentioned above that you can profit from both upswings and downswings in a given stock’s price. Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle will teach you how to do that, too. Instead of profiting on a spike and moving on, you can profit on the spike and the trough.

It’s easier than you think to pull off, especially if you’re a member of my oil investing publication. You get plenty of guidance on when to enter and exit trades for maximum profit.

Benefit From My Intimate Knowledge of the World’s Oil Producers

Did you know that more than half of the world’s major oil producers have me on retainer? That’s because they benefit from my advice and observations. While I could keep that information to myself, I choose to divulge it to my Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle subscribers. Call it paying it forward.

Oil investing is extremely complex on the surface. You need lots of technical and fundamental information if you want to profit, but you might not have time to perform hours or even days of research to amass the knowledge you need. That’s where I come in. I simplify the process and allow you to act on my trade alerts.


Do you want to profit off the stock market? Of course you do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article.

However, most people lose money in the stock market. It isn’t because they’re not smart; it’s because they either haven’t done the research themselves or they haven’t found a mentor to help them find the most profitable plays.

In short: They’re not members of Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle.
My job is to put you in the best position to profit off every trade I recommend. Do I sometimes pick a loser? Certainly. No investor gets it right every time. By following my oil investing advice, however, you can improve your chances of winning more often. Sign up to Dr. Kent Moors’ Energy Inner Circle today to see exactly what I mean.

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