Oil Investing Expert: Who Is Dr. Kent Moors?


Who is Dr. Kent Moors? He’s an oil investing expert who teaches other people how to become profitable traders in energy markets. His expertise in oil and natural gas policy, as well as market performance, make him a trusted advisor for some of the world’s foremost institutions and organizations.

While he enjoys advising finance professionals and political figures, he gets just as much — if not more — satisfaction from his thriving subscription newsletters. They take oil investing opportunities to investors just like you who want to improve your profits and reduce your risk.

Let’s take a closer look at the question you’re most interested in — Who is Dr. Kent Moors? — and hear from the man himself.

Who Is Dr. Kent Moors?


I’m Dr. Kent Moors, and my work takes me all over the world. Oil and other energy sources come from the farthest corners of the planet, so I have to know what’s going on elsewhere if I’m able to advise people and organizations about energy policy and oil investing.

Part of my drive comes from my desire to help shape the future of energy production and consumption. History can’t repeat itself — not if we want to protect the people who work in the energy sector. Coal mining, for instance, resulted in huge advantages for the world, but resulted in severe consequences for human dignity and life.

That’s why I get up every morning. I want to educate people on unconventional methods of energy sourcing and help guide the energy revolution towards its inevitable conclusion. In doing so, I also help people succeed in the stock market through oil investing.

Who is Dr. Kent Moors? I’m a sought-after speaker and analyst as well as a trusted investor. Those two sides of my career are closely related, which is why I’ve created several publications to help investors like you profit from the changes we’re seeing in the energy sector.

Oil & Energy Investor

My first publication, Oil & Energy Investor, is completely free. You’ll receive my newsletter regularly as well as free gifts.

I use Oil & Energy Investor to share my commentary and analysis on oil investing and related subjects. I go far beyond what you might hear on the evening news or what Wall Street players are talking about, even behind closed doors.

If you’re interested in oil investing, this is a great place to start. Subscribe today to get a free bonus gift on me and to start learning what I know about energy developments and the oil industry in particular.

Energy Advantage

When people ask, “Who is Dr. Kent Moors?”, I want them to know that I share everything I can with my subscribers. Energy Advantage is the ideal subscription for anyone who wants to better understand and profit from oil investing.

Every month, I send out a comprehensive newsletter that includes my best plays for that month so you can start profiting immediately. The newsletter also includes commentary and observations I’ve made on the state of the energy sector and what might be coming next.

You also get weekly updates to help you better understand the plays I’ve recommended. I might tell you to exit your position, for instance, because I’ve foreseen a change in the stock movement. There are lots of other extras, too, so check it out and subscribe.

Energy Inner Circle

I’m all about short-term profits. If I can triple my money in a week, I’m going to do it, and I tell my Energy Inner Circle how to do it, as well. While the Inner Circle is about a form of oil investing, it’s actually trading in practice. Instead of a buy-and-hold strategy, you actively trade oil stocks for extreme profits.

Best of all, I’ll teach you how to profit from both sides of the trade. The oil price might go up or down, but you profit either way — and, in some cases, you can profit from both plays simultaneously.

The thing is, most of us don’t know what direction crude oil prices will move during any given time frame. That’s what chases many people away from oil investing. WIth my strategy, you don’t need to know. That’s the beauty of it.

Micro Energy Trader

Believe it or not, the best profits in oil investing and the energy sector don’t always come from the large-cap companies like Exxon. They come from companies with much smaller market capitalization — often referred to as micro-cap companies.

A micro-cap company has a market capitalization of less than $300 million. It doesn’t have many assets or a huge line of products or services, but that doesn’t mean you can’t profit by trading shares in it.

Micro Energy Trader is my fast-paced subscription service. You’ll get buy and sell alerts to help you capitalize on the most lucrative micro-cap opportunities in the marketplace.

Oil Investing Advice From the Best

People are always asking, “Who is Dr. Kent Moors?” The best answer I can give you is that I’m an energy specialist who has made lots of money in the stock market and wants to help you do the same. I provide oil investing advice from multiple perspectives so you can figure out what works for you.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the latest advancements in the energy sector, I highly recommend signing up for my subscription services. I’ll share with you information you can’t get anywhere else, which will position you for maximum profits when you exit every trade.

Of course, I can’t guarantee profits. Sometimes, I’m wrong. My goal, though, is to get it right as many times as possible so small losses are overshadowed by huge wins.


Who is Dr. Kent Moors? I’m an oil investing expert, and I’d love to help you. Sign up for any of my subscription services to get the best advice in the energy sector as well as to improve your oil investing game. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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