Energy Advantage

Energy Advantage Investor is a suite of publications brought to you by Dr. Kent Moors, an esteemed expert in oil and gas, economic development, and market risk. He’s created a thriving career based on the stock market in the energy sector.

The governments of 29 companies trust his perspective on oil and gas. He also consults with firms in the private sector, including financial institutions. Now, he’s brought his Energy Advantage investing advice to the Internet so more people can benefit from his tutelage.

Learn How to Maximize Your Investment Through Energy Advantage

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need $20,000 in an investment account to enjoy massive success through oil investing. Much smaller investments can net extreme gains of more than 1,000 percent if you know which trades to make and when.

That’s where Dr. Kent Moors comes in. The energy advantage lies in the fact that the energy sector generates more profits for investors than any other industry. Volume and volatility contribute to those massive gains as more investors make larger plays.

Does that mean that oil prices are completely predictable? No. in fact, they’re extremely unpredictable. That’s why I teach my Energy Inner Circle members how to bet on both sides of the coin. And that’s just the beginning.

Invest With a Pro

Many myths circulate through the investment community. People believe you have to follow stock picks on CNN to get rich and that you have to wait decades for those investments to pay off.

Why, then, do members of my Energy Inner Circle consistently profit off their trades in 60 days or fewer?

It’s because I don’t focus exclusively on investing. Instead, I teach people how to trade shares. These short-term investments can result in profits of between 3 and 60 times the initial money you put into the market, and often within 30 days or fewer. Some of my trades pay off within a week.

Build Wealth Fast

Did you know that energy investing has created overnight millionaires? It’s the only sector to produce such massive gains. That’s not a typical result, but it happens more often than you might think.

I teach people how to create financial security through thoughtful, minimum-risk investments. Though I work with massive corporations and big governments, I also want to help people like you reach your financial goals, whether you’re interested in paying for a vacation next year, buying a new home, or even quitting your day job to trade professionally.

You don’t need a background in oil, gas, energy, or the stock market to profit from my newsletters, nor do you need a special degree. All you have to do is pay attention, apply the insight I share with you, and take home your winnings.

Just know that I won’t keep my publications open forever. I want to limit my Energy Inner Circle, for instance, to a tight-knit group of people who wish to learn from me.
If you’re interested in profiting from Energy Advantage, sign up for my publications and start building your financial future. I’m excited to work with you.

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