What You Should Know About the Natural Gas Industry Before You Invest

As someone who may be fairly new to investing, you want to ensure you’re making the right decisions when it comes to your money and building real wealth. Rather than putting money into a low-interest-bearing savings account or a 5% government bond, you want to invest in securities like stocks as well as exchange-traded funds.[…]

Energy Investing on the Rise: 5 Renewable Energy Companies to Look Out For

As an investor, you’re always looking out for the next big industries and companies to buy stock in. You know that while it’s crucial to have some reliable picks in your portfolio, like blue-chip companies, you also need to be innovative and take a little risk on companies that are on the rise. That way,[…]


5 Things You Should Know About the Coal Industry Before You Start Energy Investing

Coal has been one of the most essential providers of energy in our modern times. Humans throughout the course of history, starting with the caveman, have used it.   Today, it is still highly utilized, however, its importance has been drowned out by talk of alternative energy. People are focusing on renewable sources of energy like[…]


Is Coal Still a Viable Industry for Investment? 

In today’s world, the news covers a lot about alternative energy. There’s chatter about solar panels, electric cars, hydropower plants, and much more. And we all know that global warming is causing us to change our habits and develop more sustainable sources of energy.   However, fossil fuels, including coal, are still big producers of energy. In fact, one-third of all[…]